Despite Loss, Kasselakis Sees Path to Majority for SYRIZA

Bloomberg SYRIZA Stefanos Kasselakis

"I told you, and I meant it: I'm here to stay. Together, we will make the Progressive Party a majority in this country once again," main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Stefanos Kasselakis said in a social media post on Tuesday.

He shared that he had received countless messages urging him to "not give up," with people saying "Don't betray us," and "You made us believe again."

"We are building the progressive excellence that Greece – and Europe – need. Our preparations start now. We are moving forward with resolve," he added.

Kasselakis thanked the thousands of voters and volunteers "who kept us afloat against New Democracy's vast resources," adding: "With the new generation by our side, we went from 23 percent to 13 percent. We will continue, and we will soon become the majority."

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