37-Year-Old Man Confesses to Murder of 11-Year-Old Girl in Ilia

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A 37-year-old man has confessed to the murder of an 11-year-old girl in the Katarachi area, following his arrest by Pyrgos Security police officers.

The man, who is related to the victim's family, admitted to killing the girl with a screwdriver.

According to the police, the man picked up the girl in his car around 9:00 PM on Sunday in the Myrtia area and drove her to a deserted location between Lehaina and the community of Areti, where he committed the murder. The girl was reported missing at approximately 3:00 AM on Monday, prompting an immediate search.

Police obtained visual evidence from security cameras showing the suspect driving the car with the girl as a passenger. The suspect was taken into custody on Monday morning and confessed a few hours later, leading police to the location of the girl's body.

The suspect, a cousin of the victim's mother and the family's best man, had previously been involved in a 2017 case of child rape. The girl's body has been sent to the forensic department in Patras for an autopsy to determine the exact cause and time of death, and to ascertain whether she was sexually abused.

(Source: Amna)

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