RAID ALERT! The historic Viking ship Saga Farmann visited Chios (VIDEO)

Saga Farmann

The ship faithfully represents the shipbuilding art of the 9th century and is currently in the Cyclades.

The Norwegian ship "Saga Farmann," which was built according to the standards of Viking ships, sailed into the port of Chios on Sunday afternoon.

As reported by Chios Photos, the ship is a faithful reconstruction of a traditional Viking ship, designed based on archaeological finds and historical records of the time.

Built with the same technique and materials used by the Vikings, the ship is a living representation of the shipbuilding art of the 9th century. Its construction was completed with the input of many volunteers, who worked tirelessly to create this marine masterpiece

"Saga Farmann" is not only a ship but also a floating museum. It travels to various European ports to inform and provide the public with information about the Vikings' history, cultural heritage, and naval achievements.

The journey started in Norway, crossed the Rhine and the Danube and ended in Istanbul.

From there, on 18/5/2024, the ship began its Mediterranean route to Turkey, Greece, and Italy, which is expected to be completed on 31/8/2024, with a final destination in Rome.

Eight different volunteer crews of 13-15 people will participate. It arrived in Chios with a crew of 13 people from Norway, the Netherlands, Australia, and the Czech Republic.

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