Greek Police Dispute Timeline of CCTV Footage in Michael Mosley Case

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The investigation into the death of Dr. Michael Mosley on the Greek island of Symi continues, with conflicting accounts surrounding crucial CCTV footage.

Mosley, a renowned doctor and broadcaster, went missing for five days after embarking on a solo hike without his phone and with limited water. He was tragically found dead, likely from heat exhaustion, after collapsing in 40°C heat.

While initial reports from a Greek news website claimed that Hellenic Police possessed footage of Dr. Mosley in the vicinity of his death days before he was found, the police have refuted this claim. They clarified that the footage was only obtained after his body was discovered.

Despite the discrepancy in the timeline, the footage remains central to the investigation. It reportedly shows Dr. Mosley walking down a hillside near where his body was later discovered, before disappearing from view. Interim findings suggest he collapsed just yards from safety.

Police have ruled out foul play, stating that the preliminary investigation points towards death by natural causes. The examination is ongoing and relies on CCTV footage, forensic evidence, and witness accounts.

Dr. Mosley was found 50 yards from his resort, five days after being reported missing by his wife. The tragedy has sparked debate about the importance of hiking preparedness, particularly in extreme heat.

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