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Greek flag painted Kasos
Kasos islanders paint giant Greek flag

A giant Greek flag with 40×26 metre dimensions was painted by ​​Kasos islanders so that it is clearly visible from air and sea. It is important to note that Kasos, as the…

Earthquake Now: 3.3 Richter in Galaxidi

A 3.3 magnitude earthquake occurred at noon on Friday at 10:33 in Galaxidi. According to the Geodynamic Institute of the Athens Observatory, the quake had a focal depth of ten kilometers. The…

European Heritage Days
September 24-26: European Heritage Days 2021

This year’s European Heritage Days will be celebrated in Greece on September 24-26, the Culture & Sports Ministry announced on Thursday. This year’s overall theme of festivities across the European continent is…


Alonissos : Travelling to a Purer Greece

Alonissos: Travelling to a Purer Greece Although I wasn’t even born then, I imagine that 50s/60s Greek islands looked pretty much as Alonissos does today. The pine-clad and serene island with each…

seahorse underwater photographer Nikos Samaras
‘Seahorse Dragging a Mask’ Underwater Photographer Nikos Samaras

This image of a delicate seahorse dragging a face mask has been nominated for the Ocean Photography Award 2021. The photo, taken by Greek photographer Photographer Nikos Samaras in the waters of Northern Greece has gone viral this week, drawing much needed attention to the global issue of marine pollution.

Saxtom: Tom Giannakopoulos, Saxophonist Star on the Rise

Exclusive interview with Saxtom – Tom Giannakopoulos, the 22 year old saxophonist who performs alongside some of Greece’s music industry greats including Sakis Rouvas and Konstantinos Argyros and whose collaborations include global brands such as Adidas, Diesel and Swarovski. And this is just the beginning… Link in article to watch him live on Greek City Times.

ancient greek gods artichokes
Artichokes: An Ancient Greek Remedy

Artichokes are a 3,000-year-old detox secret, highly prized over the centuries for its potent medicinal properties. The Ancient Greeks valued this rare, edible blossom that it was known as ‘food for the Gods’ and reserved for the aristocratic alone. Modern research confirms just how right ancient healers were about the medicinal powers of this thorny, armoured vegetable with the sweet, sensual heart.

Greek lamb with artichokes
Greek Arnaki (Lamb) with Artichokes Recipe

The artichoke abounds in almost every part of Greece as well as the culinary imagination of Greeks from all over the country, so it is very easy to incorporate this healthy vegetable into your diet – such as our easy Greek Arnaki with Artichokes recipe.

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Hilton Hotels Santorini
Hilton Hotels to Debut in Santorini with Luxury Beachfront Resort

With a volcanic black sandy beach on its doorstep, Hilton’s Sea Breeze Luxury Resort is soon to be among the few luxurious 5-star properties on arguably Greece’s most famous island of Santorini – an island instantly recognisable for its picturesque cliffs adorned by whitewashed, blue-accented, cube-shaped buildings and the tangerine sunsets that light up both sky and sea.

Nature’s Architecture: The Monolithic Moonscape of Volax

The tiny village of Volax rests upon an otherworldly, lunarlike landscape that looks as though it has been pelted with giant, spherical boulders. This unique extraterrestrial surround was appreciated more than 2,000 years ago by the village’s first inhabitants who, inspired by nature, made good use of the phenomenon, building their homes around, between and into the rocks.

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