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U.S. unlikely to tempt Greece away from Russia and China

…worth of Greek mistrust and animosity that needs to be overcome. READ MORE: Macron more popular in Greece than France: How do Greeks view Biden, Putin, Xi and Merkel? Advertisment….

Nobody wants a new Cold War: Biden 1

Nobody wants a new Cold War: Biden

US President Joe Biden called the tone of his meeting yesterday with Russian leader Vladimir Putin as “positive”, but assured that he had warned him against any interference in US…

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The Macrons are returning to Greece

…is U.S. President Joe Biden, with a 75% approval among Greeks. READ MORE: Macron more popular in Greece than France: How do Greeks view Biden, Putin, Xi and Merkel?  Advertisment….

U.S President Biden confirms strong bilateral relations with Cyprus

President Biden express that the US stands with Cyprus

*POTUS Facebook US President Joe Biden sent a message of support to Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiades late on Wednesday night. According to Cypriot government spokesman Kyriacos Koushos, Biden called Cyprus…

Cyprus Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades.

Cyprus fell into Turkey’s mouse trap

…end there and he accused the US President Joe Biden for having “blood on his hands” for the killing of Palestinian and Hamas civilians. Yet, this dictator continues to insist…

Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt and Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias.

US Ambassador meets Dendias, discusses Middle East

…the ceasefire achieved in Israel and Gaza,” adding: “isues of bilateral cooperation were also discussed.” READ MORE: Ambassador Pyatt: Biden committed to raising Greece-US relations “to the next level.” Advertisment….

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The New Armenia – a Russia-Turkey wedge, an East-West buffer

Recent developments around Armenia, the bitter defeat in 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) war, Russia’s feckless behavior as Armenia’s ally as well as the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Biden administration…