Argos, Greece, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world

Argos: The World's Oldest Continuously Inhabited City

Argos, Greece, is considered to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, and the oldest in Europe.  Located in the northeastern Peloponnese region, Argos has a rich history that spans over three millennia, making it a fascinating destination for travellers who are looking to explore ancient Greece and its heritage.

Dog friendly: Pets allowed into more than 120 archaeological sites in Greece

Dog-Friendly: Pets Now Allowed Into Archaeological Sites in Greece

Greece’s Culture Ministry has announced that it will allow pets to enter more than 120 archaeological sites across the country, easing the current regulations that only allow guide dogs for disabled visitors.

Dimitris Tzankatian Greece by drone

Dimitris' Greece by Drone

Dimitris Tzankatian’s love affair with travel began in 2019 when he bought his first drone. Now, just four years later, the talented photographer and certified drone pilot is stunning audiences with amazing aerial perspectives of Greece’s beautiful landscapes, historic sites, and picturesque towns and villages, captured through his beautiful photography and videography.