Zozo Sapountzaki: The Queen of the Night

Zozo Sapountzaki was born in Salonica, Greece and studied drama and music at the Musical Theatre School. Her celebrated legs were always the focal point in most of her movies. At 89 years of age, Zozo is still going strong even today, making appearances in talk shows and music halls in Athens.

Under the Spell of a Myth: Empress Sisi in Greece

Under the Spell of a Myth: Empress Sisi in Greece

Famed for her beauty and fashion sense, a little known fact about the captivating Empress Sisi of Austria was her special relationship with Greece and its people – a subject that provides the central theme for a new book: ‘Under the Spell of a Myth: Empress Sisi in Greece’. Greek City Times speaks to the book’s author Stefan Haderer to learn more.

Magna Graecia: the Greko of Calabria

Film Debut: Magna Graecia - the Greko of Calabria

‘Magna Graecia: The Greko of Calabria’ looks at the Greko communities of Calabria in the southernmost part of the Italian peninsula, a group of people who have maintained their millennia-old links to their ancient and medieval Hellenic past through their language and culture.