Teatro Grattacielo, in partnership with the Consulate General of Greece in New York, will present an intimate showing of select arias…

1 week ago

On this day in 1849, Périclès Pantazis is born

Périclès Pantazis (Περικλής Πανταζής) was a well known Greek impressionist painter of the 19th century, born on the 13th of March 1849. Périclès Pantazis…

2 weeks ago

"Turkish ‘Ship of Danger' Has Sailed," says Former NATO Chief Stavridis

Admiral James Stavridis, who led the NATO alliance between 2009-2013 and now serves as Chief International Security Analyst for NBC…

4 weeks ago

Ioanna Kardiakou Presents Her Industromance Art Technique

The works of Ioanna Kardiakou exist in many private collections in Greece and abroad.

1 month ago

The profound influence of Greek mythology on Valentine's Day

We think of Valentine’s Day as a Christian holiday, but the truth is that the roots and many of its…

1 month ago

Michel: Nobody’s learning anything meaningful from British Museum’s Parthenon Marbles display

Founder and Director of the Institute for Digital Archaeology, Roger Michel, says that the British Museum is well-behind the times…

1 month ago

Famed Dance Choreographer Laid to Rest

Sydney, Australia. Mary Nassibian, niece of George Guetary (French Actor/Performer), famed and beloved dance instructor and choreographer in the Greek…

2 months ago

Museum debuts at EXPO CHICAGO with
new works by Prince Nikolaos, April 13–16, 2023

CHICAGO- The National Hellenic Museum (NHM) in Chicago’s Greektown neighborhood announced today the extension of HRH Prince Nikolaos’ North American…

2 months ago

World’s First Invisible Yacht Conceived in Greece

An ‘invisible’ 3D printed super yacht set to enable the world’s mega weathy to travel in ultimate secrecy is a…

2 months ago

Art thief gets only a suspended sentence for ‘heist of the century'

Α 50-year-old man accused of stealing three paintings, including a Picasso, from Greece’s National Gallery in Athens in January 2012,…

2 months ago

King Charles's watercolour of Mount Athos Greece goes on sale

King Charles's first painting of Mount Athos since becoming monarch is now on sale at the Highgrove House shop. Avid painter…

3 months ago

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Bids Farewell To John Aniston

So long to the beloved and very unpredictable Victor Kiriakis: John Aniston’s final episode of Days of Our Lives dropped…

3 months ago

Handcrafted by Pisti: Greek cultural gift store

Made with love and guided by faith, the beautiful creations of Pisti are meaningful cultural gifts that are custom-made by…

3 months ago

Bipartisan Support for the Annual Martin Children’s Walk

Two bronze statues honouring Sir James Martin, philhellene and one of the founding fathers of the modern Australian state of…

3 months ago

Acropolis Museum to host a photo exhibition of historic Greek costumes

From 20 December 2022 until 26 March 2023, following the initiative of the Marianna V. Vardinoyannis Foundation, the Acropolis Museum…

3 months ago

The Global Appeal of Orthodox Iconography

The global appeal of Orthodox iconography is a phenomenon that captures the imagination of more and more artists, both religious…

3 months ago

Sir James Martin Statue Relocated to the Heart of Parramatta

A bronze statue honouring Sir James Martin, philhellene and one of the founding fathers of the modern Australian state of…

4 months ago

British Culture Secretary Warns: Returning the Parthenon Sculptures to Greece “A Very Dangerous and Slippy Road"

Britain’s Culture Secretary Culture Secretary Michelle Donelan says restoring the Sculptures to their homeland of Greece would only serve to…

4 months ago


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