Katrina Kallos

Katrina Kallos is the founder of the Greek food and travel blog, Mulberry Pomegranate. Katrina is a Greek food enthusiast and self-confessed ‘hellenophile.’ Her love of Greece had always been strong, but none more so that when she married into a Greek-Australian family. Katrina’s Greek family ‘in law’ shares the same story of many Greek families who migrated to Australia in the 1950s. Her father in-law ran one of Sydney’s iconic corner stores for nearly 40 years. Her blog documents the recipes and stories of her family and other Greek migrants who came to Australia after World War 2. The blog also documents her own journey of becoming ‘almost’ Greek. She has a strong passion for photography and storytelling. The blog aims to capture the beauty of Greek nuance, food and culture, from the kitchens of Marrickville to Athens and beyond.

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