Greece's Position in the EU Market

“In a recent social media post, Minister of State Akis Skertsos highlighted Greece’s position on the European price scale, emphasizing that the country remains among the most affordable within the EU. Citing Eurostat and the Spanish central bank, he noted that Greece ranks as the 8th cheapest country in the EU, with consumer goods and services priced at 87% of the European average. Despite being more expensive than countries like Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania, Greece maintains competitive pricing compared to the majority of EU member states. Skertsos affirmed the ongoing government efforts to bolster incomes, wages, and pensions, aiming to enhance purchasing power and promote consumer-friendly prices through persistent and transparent policies.”

40-Year-Old Daren Metropoulos, Owner of Playboy Mansion, Buys Historic $148 Million Palm Beach Mansion

40-Year-Old Daren Metropoulos, Owner of Playboy Mansion, Buys Historic $148 Million Palm Beach Mansion

Daren Metropoulos, son of Greek-American billionaire investor Dean Metropoulos and owner of the Playboy mansion, has made headlines by purchasing a historic beachfront mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, for a whopping $148 million in cash.

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Athens Aims for Electric Taxi Takeover: Tenfold Increase by 2026

Greece’s electric taxi initiative, driven by SirecEnergy, Ethniki Leasing, and FREENOW, holds promise in transforming Athens’ transportation landscape towards a more sustainable future. By addressing the identified challenges and capitalizing on the strengths of this collaborative effort, the program can effectively promote electric taxis and contribute to a cleaner, greener city.

Bill Papas

Alleged $400 Million Fraud Case Against Forum Finance Nears Judgment

In June 2021, Westpac uncovered an alleged multi-million dollar fraud perpetrated by Sydney leasing company Forum Finance. Forum, led by Bill Papas, is accused of creating fake lease agreements for non-existent equipment, resulting in losses exceeding $500 million for Westpac and other banks. The case is nearing judgment in October 2024, with potential consequences for Forum-linked companies and individuals, including Papas who fled the country.


Greek-founded iCOMAT Secures $22.5M Series A Funding to Revolutionize Advanced Composite Manufacturing

Greek-founded iCOMAT has secured a significant milestone, closing a successful $22.5M Series A funding round led by @8vc and the NATO Innovation Fund. Specializing in advanced composite manufacturing, iCOMAT’s innovative technology promises lighter, stronger, and more sustainable structures for aerospace and automotive vehicles.

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