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Acropolis Named One of Top 10 Most Beautiful World Heritage Sites

The Acropolis in Athens, an iconic monument, has earned a spot on the list of the world's most beautiful cultural…

2 weeks ago

Celebrating the Spirit of Democracy: The Annual Lysicrates Foundation Dinner

The Lysicrates Foundation hosted their sparkling annual fundraising dinner at the picturesque Catalina Restaurant in Rose Bay, overlooking Sydney Harbour.…

1 month ago

Syndesi Debuts with Handmade, One-of-a-Kind Greek Artwork & Story Collection

In a world increasingly defined by mass production and fleeting trends, Syndesi emerges as a refreshing oasis of authentic artistry…

2 months ago

Athens to Claim Title of 'Europe's Largest Coastal Park'

Athens: When Ellinikon Metropolitan Park is completed in 2030, it will cover a vast expanse of 600 acres (243 hectares),…

2 months ago

Greece’s First Skyscraper To Be Designed By Foster + Partners

The tower that stands 200 meters tall will be the centrepiece of Ellinikon, a luxurious project currently being developed in…

3 months ago

Byzantine Time Travel: Ancient Bird Mosaic and Greek Sigma-Shaped Treasure Unearthed

In Caesarea, a coastal city in Israel known for its rich historical and archaeological significance, a remarkable discovery was unearthed,…

3 months ago

Greek Billionaire Family Orders Not One, but Three 230 Ft SuperYachts in Record Deal

A record-breaking transaction has taken place, surpassing the likes of the Qatari royal family and Saudi kings, as a Greek…

4 months ago

"Turkish ‘Ship of Danger' Has Sailed," says Former NATO Chief Stavridis

Admiral James Stavridis, who led the NATO alliance between 2009-2013 and now serves as Chief International Security Analyst for NBC…

7 months ago

David Chipperfield unveils design for the National archaeological museum of Athens

In January 2023, it was announced that the National Archaeological Museum of Athens selected David Chipperfield Architects as the winner…

7 months ago

Russian billionaire has a $200 million plan to convert a Greek isle into his own private art island

Patrolled by snipers, the project will be a lavish 007 liar with a luxury resort, helipad, spa, horse stables, and…

7 months ago

Ioanna Kardiakou Presents Her Industromance Art Technique

The works of Ioanna Kardiakou exist in many private collections in Greece and abroad.

7 months ago

A Greek crypto-tycoon has purchased this stunning 236 feet long superyacht designed by Giorgio Armani

When two greats come together, history is created. In the case of the Italian Sea Group, Admiral, founded in 1966,…

7 months ago

Michel: Nobody’s learning anything meaningful from British Museum’s Parthenon Marbles display

Founder and Director of the Institute for Digital Archaeology, Roger Michel, says that the British Museum is well-behind the times…

8 months ago

World’s First Invisible Yacht Conceived in Greece

An ‘invisible’ 3D printed super yacht set to enable the world’s mega weathy to travel in ultimate secrecy is a…

8 months ago

Handcrafted by Pisti: Greek cultural gift store

Made with love and guided by faith, the beautiful creations of Pisti are meaningful cultural gifts that are custom-made by…

9 months ago


Reminiscent of beautiful, relaxed summers spent on the Greek islands, Greek brand BlueMATI was born out of a deep love…

9 months ago

Bipartisan Support for the Annual Martin Children’s Walk

Two bronze statues honouring Sir James Martin, philhellene and one of the founding fathers of the modern Australian state of…

9 months ago


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