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Giorgos Seferis (March 13, 1900 - September 20, 1971)

Greek poet & diplomatNobel Prize Literature winner Born in the town of Vourla, near Smyrni in Ionia, he was a…

1 week ago

August 30th 1949 - The Battle of Grammos-Vitsi

August 30th, 1949 - The Battle of Grammos-Vitsi After nearly 10 years of continuous fighting, beginning in 1940 during WW2,…

4 weeks ago

On This Day August 26th, 1821 - Battle of Vasilika

During the 1st year of the Greek Revolution, Greeks took up arms to seek freedom all over the Greek inhabited…

1 month ago

Ion Dragoumis (September 14, 1878 - July 31, 1920)

Born in Athens but with family roots in Kastoria, Macedonia, he was a writer, diplomat and politician. He was a…

2 months ago

The National Symbols of Greece: Flag, Emblem and Anthem

On the occasion of the National Day of Greece, where the country celebrates the anniversary of its War of Independence…

6 months ago

The Greek National Anthem (VIDEO)

The Greek National Anthem, also referred to as the Hymn to Liberty or the Hymn to Freedom, is a song…

6 months ago

On this day in 1937, Pontian Greek resistance figure Efkleidis Kourtidis passes away

Efkleidis Kourtidis (Ευκλείδης Κουρτίδης) (1885 - February 10, 1937) Born in the town of Santa, south of Trapezounta in Pontos,…

8 months ago

ON THIS DAY: Greece officially became a sovereign state

On this day February 3 in 1830 The London Protocol established the full independence and sovereignty of Greece from the…

8 months ago

On this day in 1821, Alexandros Ypsilantis encourages Greeks to revolt against the Ottomans

Greek military commander and national hero, Alexandros Ypsilantis (Αλέξανδρος Υψηλάντης), was born on December 12, 1792, and passed away on…

8 months ago

Battle of Elli -December 3rd, 1912

It was the largest Sea Battle of the Balkan Wars (1912-13). Rear Admiral Pavlos Kountouriotis, on the famed armoured cruiser…

10 months ago


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