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Nature’s Architecture: The Monolithic Moonscape of Volax

The tiny village of Volax rests upon an otherworldly, lunarlike landscape that looks as though it has been pelted with giant, spherical boulders. This unique extraterrestrial surround was appreciated more than 2,000 years ago by the village’s first inhabitants who, inspired by nature, made good use of the phenomenon, building their homes around, between and into the rocks.

aegean airlines Athens airport mandatory testing

Mandatory Tests Upon Arrival to Greece

A new addition to the aviation directive for international flights to Greece requires unvaccinated travellers from 16 countries to undergo a mandatory test upon arrival, regardless of nationality.


Four perfect Autumn weekend escapes from Athens

The end of summer signals the end of beaches and the invocation of mountains and the start of weekend village escapes – clean air, stone taverns with the local flavors and hikes…


Rhodes: The Taste of Summer for Italy

Well known for its medieval architecture, beaches, and exciting nightlife scene, Rhodes is also famous for its gastronomy and wines – all of which are showcased in a Greek tourism campaign targeted at Italians.


Lefkada: A guide

While Lefkada is easily accessible, it is linked to the Greek mainland via a small bridge, it remains one of the Ionian’s most unspoiled destinations. A haven for many Greek and international…

Sfentili, the underwater village in Crete

Sfentili, the underwater village in Crete

Sfentili is different from the other villages in Crete. The seaside village is located 38 kilometres from Heraklion and became famous when it began to sink. For the past 17 years, the…

Rovinia Corfu

The five Corfu beaches to avoid crowds

The Old Town, the Venetian Fortress, delicious food, and stunning beaches: all these attract many visitors every summer to Corfu, one of the most touristic places in Greece. But the island is…

Hydra island car

Ten Greek islands where you do not need a car

Spend summer at destinations that do not need a car and get rid of the worry of whether you will find a ticket on the ship, parking at your favourite beach or…

Pyrgi Chios xysta

The Mathematical Masterminds of Medieval Pyrgi

It is well-known that the academic mathematicians of ancient Greece made a hugely significant contribution to world thought. However, the ancient inhabitants of the tiny village of Pyrgi on the island of Chios present to us their mathematical brilliance in a more unexpected way – through their design tradition, patterns called xysta.

Exploring the Hippie caves of Matala, Crete 7

Exploring the Hippie caves of Matala, Crete

Exploring the Hippie caves of Matala, Crete I’ve always wanted to visit Matala, to explore the Hippie caves and get a sense of how these people lived, how they spent their days…


Maja Malnar in Mykonos

After commanding the spotlight recently, being spotted partying aboard billionaire James Packer’s superyacht last month, Maja Malnar further chronicles her adventures in Mykonos.

Athens: Time Magazine’s World's Greatest Places 2021 11

Athens: Time Magazine’s World’s Greatest Places 2021

Athens is named on the Best Places of the World 2021 List, a list created by Time Magazine to “shine a light on ingenuity, creativity, revitalization and re-openings in destinations across the world.”

Alonissos monk seal

Alonissos Marine Park: The Largest Reserve of its Kind in the World

With a new underwater museum where visitors can explore the remains of a 2500-year-old shipwreck, the Alonissos Marine Park is the largest reserve of its kind in the world, a place of unspoilt natural beauty that is home to a fascinating variety of flora, fauna and marine life including the critically endangered Mediterranean monk seal.

diving spots in Greece

Top 5 Diving Destinations in Greece

Dive in! Your underwater journey starts here as we bring you our top 5 diving destinations that make Greece a “must” destination for diving enthusiasts around the globe.

private islands for sale in Greece

Private Islands for Sale in Greece Right Now

If you’re in the market to buy your own personal private island playground in Greece, here is a list of some that are available for sale right now.

Greece's Top 10 beaches for 2021 12

Greece’s Top 10 beaches for 2021

Greece’s Top 10 beaches for 2021 If you are allowed to head to Greece this summer and are looking for some stunning beaches, the team from Greek City Times has worked hard…

An Insider’s Guide to Sounio   14

An Insider’s Guide to Sounio  

  Only around 50 minutes drive from Athens during a traffic-free hour, Sounio, at Attika’s southernmost tip, makes for a perfect day trip. You can easily head there in the morning to…