Head of New York's Met Museum pledges to return trafficked art

The director of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art said Thursday the famed institution would return more pieces of art…

2 hours ago

Why Do We Eat Cake on Birthdays? Ancient Greece Holds the Answer

The tradition of enjoying birthday cakes, often adorned with candles, traces its origins to ancient Greece, where it served as…

1 day ago

Greece's Iconic Corinth Canal (VIDEO)

The Corinth Canal is one of the most important achievements of engineering in Greece, given it was constructed during the…

1 day ago

Battle of Gaugamela Alexander wins Persia

Alexander wins Babylon, half of Persia, and all parts of Mesopotamia not already under his control. Decisive Greek victory as…

3 days ago

Meghan Markle has "Greek foot" or "Royal Toe" and occurs in about 10-20% of the population

Here’s something you might not know about Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Sussex: She has a long toe. Well,…

5 days ago

Greek Authors Join Global Outcry Over “Biggest Act of Copyright Theft in History”

Mounting concerns exist among Greek authors whose literary creations have become a vital part of AI's learning process encompass a…

5 days ago

Kashmir: The FASCINATING Greek archaeological artifacts and coins in SPS Museum Srinigar

During my stay in Jammu and Kashmir’s largest and oldest museum at Srinagar and in my archaeological survey travels, I…

6 days ago

Byzantine Greek Inscription Of Psalms 86 Found In Hyrcania: Unearthing Ancient Faith

A rare inscription paraphrasing part of Psalm 86 in the Greek used in the New Testament has been unearthed by…

6 days ago

Sisyphus and the Endless Pursuit: Finding Meaning in Life's Challenges"

In the annals of Greek mythology, amidst the heroic feats of Achilles and the divine power of Zeus, there dwells…

6 days ago

Koulouri, Greece’s favourite breakfast on the run

If you are in Greece and after some breakfast on the run, Koulouri is a fabulous option, as it’s filling…

6 days ago


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