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Kashmir: The FASCINATING Greek archaeological artifacts and coins in SPS Museum Srinigar

During my stay in Jammu and Kashmir’s largest and oldest museum at Srinagar and in my archaeological survey travels, I…

9 hours ago

Intact Bust of Alexander the Great Discovered in Turkey

The Turkish Department of Excavations and Research has confirmed the news of the discovery of an intact bust of Alexander…

1 week ago

8,500 Year Old Ancient Stilted Village Discovered North of Greece, Submerged in Lake

In a remarkable archaeological discovery just north of Greece, beneath the tranquil waters of Lake Ohrid, lies the remnants of…

2 weeks ago

Cihat Yaycı: Ancient Turks introduced the anchor to the Greeks

The retired admiral, nationalist influencer and theoretician of the "Blue Homeland" theory, Cihat Yaycı, has come out with perhaps his…

2 weeks ago

The Timeless Beauty and Significance of the Greek Alphabet

In the grand tapestry of world languages and scripts, one stands out as a symbol of enduring beauty and historical…

3 weeks ago

The 6 dog breeds with ancient Greek roots

The ancient Greeks have given so many great things to the world: fantastic art and philosophy, mind-blowing mythology, democracy and……

4 weeks ago

Automate Therapaenis: 2,000-year-old Ancient Greek robot stuns researchers

Every time we think we know everything about the Ancient Greeks, who were renowned for advancing philosophy, maths, astronomy, and…

4 weeks ago

Celebrating the Spirit of Democracy: The Annual Lysicrates Foundation Dinner

The Lysicrates Foundation hosted their sparkling annual fundraising dinner at the picturesque Catalina Restaurant in Rose Bay, overlooking Sydney Harbour.…

1 month ago

Unearthing the Ancient Greek City of Kelenderis: A Glimpse into the Goddess Hecate's Realm

The ancient city of Kelenderis, situated in the southern province of Mersin in Turkey, has revealed remarkable artifacts during ongoing…

1 month ago

Ancient Wisdom Confirmed: Copper's Medicinal Power Rediscovered for Modern Healing

In a fascinating revelation, the historical accounts of copper's use for medicinal purposes shed light on the wisdom of ancient…

1 month ago


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