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face masks

Coated Face Masks: The New Weapon Against COVID

Scientists have developed a coating suitable for almost any type of fabric, such as face masks, which can reduce the infectivity of SARS-CoV-2, a strain of coronavirus that causes COVID-19, by up to 90%. The researchers have applied for a patent for the technology in the United States with hospital fabrics and sportswear companies already showing interest.

ancient greek gods artichokes

Artichokes: An Ancient Greek Remedy

Artichokes are a 3,000-year-old detox secret, highly prized over the centuries for its potent medicinal properties. The Ancient Greeks valued this rare, edible blossom that it was known as ‘food for the Gods’ and reserved for the aristocratic alone. Modern research confirms just how right ancient healers were about the medicinal powers of this thorny, armoured vegetable with the sweet, sensual heart.


‘Tis The Season: A Time for Giving and Forgiving – Christ is Christmas

At this time of year, the stress levels for many are almost too much to bear. We struggle through the ups and downs of the season, as we navigate family, friends, work, our budget and our church life. It’s all too easy to become frustrated and angry and then to lose sight of our priorities. The key to changing all this: thankfulness—for Christ, salvation, and what we have been given.

Her Voice

Her Voice: Greek Women and Their Friends

‘Her Voice: Greek Women and their Friends’ has been called an insightful anthology, and it contains the individual stories of 42 women – Greek Australian women and their friends to be precise – as they reflect upon the challenges that they have encountered on a myriad of levels in Australia over decades.

Lambda Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

World’s Most Expensive Olive Oil

Why not buy your loved one a personalised Lambda Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil gift set this Christmas, complete with a hand-crafted case that lovingly cradles a bottle of award-winning olive oil embellished with two 18k gold plates engraved with the recipient’s name?  It will set you back US$14,698, but who can put a price on love?