Greece offers sunshine, seafood, whitewashed houses with bright-blue shutters, and a relaxed, Zorba-the-Greek lifestyle. As the cradle of Western civilization, it has some of the world’s greatest ancient monuments. While it’s a late bloomer in the modern age and retains echoes of a simpler, time-passed world, contemporary Greece has one of Europe’s fastest-changing cultural landscapes. With its classical past, hang-loose present, and edgy future, Greece offers something for every traveler.

Rhodes, Santorini Trip Advisor's 'Best of the Best' Trending Destinations in the World 2022

Rhodes, Santorini TripAdvisor’s ‘Best of the Best’ Trending Destinations in the World 2022

From lesser-known cities to new escapes, Trip Advisor has named 22 places in the world that are on the up and up for 2022 in its Best of the Best Awards. The Dodecanese island of Rhodes has ranked third on the list of Trending Destinations in the World for 2022 whilst the Cyclades’ Santorini is listed in tenth position.