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Surge in Migratory Flows to Greece in Early 2024

Greece has experienced a significant surge in migratory flows in early 2024, with the highest numbers since 2019. The Evros border region and Greek islands have seen increased arrivals, with 11,835 migrants entering by April, a 154% increase compared to the same period in 2023. Authorities have emphasized swift transfers to avoid disruptions to tourism, while ongoing cooperation with Turkey aims to manage and control the migratory influx.

FM Gerapetritis at UN:

Europe must host Gaza children, Greek foreign minister says

Greek Foreign Minister George Gerapetritis calls on Europe to take responsibility for sheltering and supporting children affected by the Gaza conflict, emphasizing humanitarian aid and Greece’s role as a peace broker with historical ties to the Arab world. As Greece assumes a seat on the UN Security Council, Gerapetritis advocates for urgent action amidst severe humanitarian crises and geopolitical challenges in Gaza.


Greek Foreign Minister Urges Europe to Host Gaza War-Affected Children

Greek Foreign Minister George Gerapetritis has urged Europe to take responsibility for hosting children affected by the Gaza conflict, emphasizing the humanitarian imperative amidst dire conditions in the region. Gerapetritis discussed this initiative with Palestinian leaders, aiming to garner support for accommodating children facing famine and trauma.


Costa Georgiadis Announced as Muse for ABC's Bradley Portrait Prize

Landscape architect and Gardening Australia presenter Costa Georgiadis has been named the muse for this year’s Bradley art competition. Artists across Australia are invited to capture his likeness using diverse materials, with entries open to both amateurs and professionals. Submissions are due by July 19, 2024, with the winning artwork to be displayed at the Brisbane Portrait Prize exhibition.

migrants coast guard

Tragic Migrant Shipwrecks in Mediterranean: Three Bodies Found, Dozens Missing

Three bodies have been recovered near the site of a tragic migrant shipwreck in the Mediterranean, where more than 60 people were reported missing, according to the Italian coast guard. The migrants, including women and children, were aboard a sailing boat east of Italy’s Calabria region. Efforts by rescue teams are ongoing to locate the remaining individuals.

Newly deciphered text recorded Jesus Christ's childhood, experts say

German Researchers Discover Earliest Greek Record of Jesus Christ’s Childhood in Hamburg Library

German researchers recently uncovered a significant manuscript at the Hamburg Carl Von Ossietzky State and University Library, originally overlooked as a mundane document. Upon closer examination, it revealed Greek text containing an early record of Jesus Christ’s childhood, including part of his second miracle.


Six Years On, Greece-North Macedonia Deal Still Raises Tensions

Six years after the Prespa agreement between Greece and North Macedonia, tensions persist over political shifts in North Macedonia that challenge the accord. Former Prime Ministers Alexis Tsipras and Zoran Zaev gathered in Athens to commemorate the agreement and express concerns about its stability, particularly regarding North Macedonia’s adherence to the agreed-upon name.


Greece Among Over 20 NATO Allies to Meet Defence Spending Target in 2024

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that Greece, alongside over 20 NATO allies, will meet the alliance’s 2% of GDP defense spending target in 2024. Stoltenberg underscored Greece’s consistent commitment to this benchmark, reflecting increased military expenditures across Europe and Canada amid heightened security concerns linked to Russia’s actions since 2014.

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