On this day August 27, 1829 first Greeks step foot in Australia

The first confirmed Greeks to step foot on Australian soil were a group of seven sailors from Hydra who were transported…

1 month ago

Spirited Debate Over Qatar Airways as Flights Surge by 50 Percent to Europe

Concerns are rising over the potential economic repercussions of preventing Qatar Airways from expanding its flights into Australia and Europe.…

2 months ago

Culinary Triumph: Yiamas Restaurant Emerges as Finalist in Good Food Traveller Awards

Yiamas Restaurant, an esteemed Greek culinary haven in Perth, has reached an exceptional milestone by becoming a finalist among Western…

2 months ago

Athens Among Top 10 Hottest City Destination for Summer 2023

Flight data analysis has revealed that Athens has secured a coveted position among the Top 10 most sought-after city destinations…

3 months ago

Australian Prime Minister's "All-Time Favourite" Greek Restaurant Wins Award

It's official. Greek food is the best. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's "all time favourite" the well-known 'Corinthian Rotisserie', has…

5 months ago

Western Australian Museum exhibits full scale replica of Antikythera Mechanism by Greek Australian engineer

The Western Australian Museum is holding an exhibition of the full scale replica of the world's oldest computer, known as…

6 months ago

The Greek community of Perth honours the heroes of '21

Particularly rich in events this year's anniversary of our National Day of March 25, with praise, wreath-laying ceremonies, school celebrations,…

6 months ago

Have you registered your marriage or child in Greece? It may be time

The New Consul General of Greece in Sydney, Yannis Mallikourtis, has warned that many unforeseen complications arise for families with…

9 months ago


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