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This Airbnb in Greece was a sailor's house in 1875

This Airbnb in Santorini was a sailor’s house in 1875

If relaxing in a delightful, tranquil idyll is your cup of tea, allow us to show you one of the most popular and amazing airbnbs people were obsessed with last month according to…

Covid-19 impact: Hotels in Greece slash prices

Covid-19 impact: Hotels in Greece slash prices

As Greece suffers a coronavirus-induced drop in travel, hotels are slashing room rates of up to 40%. A week-long stay at a hotel in Rhodes next month could cost you as little…

Hotel prices slash on Greek islands 1

Hotel prices slash on Greek islands

Research carried out by Ethnos, found that the law of supply and demand certainly applies with accommodation too. Due to coronavirus, prices have been slashed across all the Greek islands, but perhaps…


Glamping under the stars in Poros

There’s nothing like being at one with nature when for a ‘short’ period of time, the world was in lockdown. If you like the idea of camping, but you don’t like the…

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Hotel blocking view to Acropolis must knock down top floors

Greece’s Central Archaeological Council (KAS), responsible for the protection of the country’s cultural heritage, announced that the owner of a hotel constructed and operating in the historic centre of Athens blocking the…