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The Enchanted Greek Islands: Must See Gems for 2023

The Enchanted Greek Islands: Must See Gems for 2023

In the realm of infinite possibilities, where the whispers of ancient gods still echo in the wind, choosing which Greek islands to visit can seem an inhumanely impossible decision. Fortunately however, for us mere mortals with Greek summer on the horizon, renowned travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler has recently published a list of ‘The 26 best Greek islands to visit in 2023′.

Nikos Gatsos Six Songs of Holy Week

Nikos Gatsos: The Six Songs of Holy Week

The six songs of the Holy Week sequence, “Days of the Epitaph”, is a tribute to Christ by Nikos Gatsos, one of the greatest Greek poets of the 20th century, who feels that Christ’s sacrifice was the ultimate manifestation of God’s love for people. All six songs are interspersed with frequent quotations, sometimes slightly modified, from the Bible and other religious texts, expressing the poet’s conviction that Christ is the only hope for mankind.