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Ancient Athens under the Acropolis Museum 1

Ancient Athens under the Acropolis Museum

As visitors won’t be able to celebrate International Museum Day in person this year due to the pandemic*, we revisit GCT’s excursion to the ancient Athenian neighbourhood under the Acropolis Museum. Last…


A glimpse of Ancient Athens through incredible 3D models (VIDEO)

If you ever wondered what Ancient Athens looked like, Greek artist Dimitrios Tsalkanis has crafted incredible 3D models of the city’s famous landmarks, including the world-renowned Acropolis, which will have you believe…

Lysicrates Prize Winner 2015

The Lysicrates Prize: Theatre for All. From Athens, 334 B.C. to Sydney, 2020 A.D.

In 2015, John and Patricia Azarias established the Lysicrates Foundation to raise funds towards the restoration of the Lysicrates monument and to honour it by holding an annual Lysicrates Play Competition nearby.

The Lysicates Foundation aims to take the ancient Athenian mould to give a platform to world-class theatrical talent, making the Lysicrates Prize the People’s Choice and an iconic event in Sydney’s cultural calendar.