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US archaeologists awarded for their contributions to Greece

US archaeologists awarded for their contributions to Greece

On the occasion of Philhellenism and International Solidarity Day, the president of the Hellenic Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou on Monday awarded three distinguished American archaeologists for their contribution to the study and promotion of Greek culture and civilisation.

Antikythera Mechanism first computer

Antikythera Mechanism: Computer built in ancient Greece leaves scientists stunned

Stunned researchers discover that, in addition to accurately tracing the movement of the sun, moon and predicting when eclipses would occur, the Antikythera Mechanism created by the Ancient Greeks around 100-200BC also tracked the movements of Venus and Saturn. “Our work reveals the Antikythera Mechanism as a beautiful conception, translated by superb engineering into a device of genius,” the study concludes about the creation considered to be the world’s first computer.

Acrokorinthos ancient city of Greece

The most beautiful cities of Ancient Greece

In almost every Greek city you will find ancient monuments, sculptures or building remains that are evidence of the grand historical past of the country. Many of these monuments are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, not just because of their majestic architecture or their antiquity, but also because of their contribution to modern civilization, society, art and sciences.