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Western Thrace.

Turkey can turn Thrace into an issue like Artsakh

Connections between the situation in Greece’s Thrace region, that Turkey is claiming, with Armenia’s Artsakh region. In October 2017, the author published an analysis, the main purpose of which was to highlight…

Armenian Revolution Armenia

The long history of Armenia’s shift to the West

In 2018, The Economist proclaimed Armenia the country of the year. What prompted the leading global weekly to put such an intense spotlight on a small and peripheral country? It was of…

Azerbaijani drone strike in Artsakh.

Greece must learn military lessons from the Armenian defeat

If the defeat of the Armenians is due to many factors, which should be considered at multiple levels by Greece, some initial (albeit precarious) conclusions can be drawn regarding developments in war…

Arayik Harutyunyan bitter

The bitter truth from the president of Artsakh

The war in Artsakh has come to an end, and that end was bitter. In fact, the end was far more bitter then what anyone had expected as Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan…

Russian helicopter crash in Armenia.

Azerbaijan shoots down Russian helicopter in Armenia, two deaths.

A Russian Mi-24 helicopter crashed in Armenia near the settlement of Yeraskh, resulting in the death of two servicemen. Azerbaijan has admitted to shooting down Russian helicopter and has apologized for it.…

Do not let Artsakh become the Krajina of the Caucasus 1

Do not let Artsakh become the Krajina of the Caucasus

August 1995 and the Croatian Army’s Operation Storm in the Krajina is underway. In the face of NATO bombing, the numerical and qualitative superiority of the Croatian and Bosniak armies (and of…