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Dr. Chryssa Kouveliotou wins astrophysics prize

Dr. Chryssa Kouveliotou wins astrophysics prize

The Prize is shared equally by Victoria M. Kaspi, a Professor of Physics and Director of McGill Space Institute at McGill University in Canada and Greece’s Chryssa Kouveliotou, Professor and Chair in the Department of Physics at George Washington University, USA.

Antikythera Mechanism first computer

Antikythera Mechanism: Computer built in ancient Greece leaves scientists stunned

Stunned researchers discover that, in addition to accurately tracing the movement of the sun, moon and predicting when eclipses would occur, the Antikythera Mechanism created by the Ancient Greeks around 100-200BC also tracked the movements of Venus and Saturn. “Our work reveals the Antikythera Mechanism as a beautiful conception, translated by superb engineering into a device of genius,” the study concludes about the creation considered to be the world’s first computer.