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Stephen Kamper Sworn into NSW Parliament Today

Stephen Kamper Sworn into NSW Parliament Today

Greek Australian Stephen Kamper, former accountant and shadow small business minister, has been appointed to lead New South Wales’ small business policies by newly elected Premier Chris Minns. In addition to his responsibilities for small business, Kamper will also oversee lands and property, multiculturalism, and sport.

Elon Musk space junk debris

Elon Musk's Space Junk

“G’day Elon Musk, I’m a reporter at ABC News that’s been covering the discovery of SpaceX debris in Australia. Just wondering, is anyone from your team coming to collect it? Here’s a pic of one of the pieces.” Reporter sends message to SpaceX founder after the discovery of 3 metre tall space debris in sheep paddocks in Australia.

Fofi Gemminata

The Australian Labor Party Expresses Condolences on the Passing of Fotini "Fofi" Gennimata

The Australian Labor Party expresses our condolences on the passing of Fotini “Fofi” Gennimata, who has been hailed by the Greek PM Mitsotakis as a “symbol of courage for all women, but also for men being tested by serious illnesses.”