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A Neo-Ottoman Footprint Under the Shadows of America 1

A Neo-Ottoman Footprint Under the Shadows of America

Turkey resides in a perilous neighborhood surrounded by historical rivalries, stemming back from the Ottoman, which pose a constant threat to the country’s geopolitical imperatives. There is the Balkan peninsula, which consists…

illegal migrants

Greece’s migrant crisis has further exposed Turkish fake news

Source InfoBrics, authored by Paul Antonopoulos, Research Fellow at the Center for Syncretic Studies Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s attempt to intimidate the Syrian Army and force them to withdraw to the…


European Union adopts Greek position on migration

The European Council summit on Friday adopted Greece’s position on managing the migration crisis after all EU leaders reached agreement. Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis expressed his satisfaction and reiterated that “following…

Tsipras zaev

Tsipras meets with North Macedonia Prime Minister

Former Greek Prime Minister, Syriza party leader Alexis Tsipras met with North Macedonia Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Monday in Skopje, ahead of todays Economist Western Balkans Summit on “Reinforcing the momentum…


Stranded tourists on island prompts government response

The recent transportation problems on the island of Samothrace due to dangerous weather conditions that saw hundreds of tourists stranded for a week, prompted the government to call an urgent meeting on…

Greek Defence Minister attends Serbia's 'Victory Day' 4

Greek Defence Minister attends Serbia’s ‘Victory Day’

Greece’s Defense Minister, Evangelos Apostolakis attended Serbia’s Victory Day military parade which marked the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II, at the invitation of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in the…

Greek PM in Croatia for International Summit 6

Greek PM in Croatia for International Summit

Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is scheduled to land in Dubrovnik today, where he will attend the 8th Summit of Central, East and Southeast European States and the People’s Republic of China…

President opens Exhibition on Rigas Feros 8

President opens Exhibition on Rigas Feros

Greece’s President Prokopios Pavlopoulos, inaugurated on Monday an exhibition on Rigas Feres called “Rigas and Revolution” which is hosted at the Greek Parliament. The exhibition marks the 220th anniversary of his death…