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2(ii): Now Showing Byzanfest 2020

Greek director Fanis Topsachalidis has been nominated for Best Director (Short Film) for his film ‘2(ii)’ about how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting Greek families in drastic ways. 2(ii) is now showing as part of the Byzanfest Orthodox Film Festival.

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Science and Orthodoxy Around the World: Now Showing Byzanfest 2020

If we accept that God is faith and science is knowledge, is there a point where these two converge? National Hellenic Research Foundation’s Greek documentary ‘Science and Orthodoxy Around the World’ is now showing and has been nominated for Best Film, Best Director and Best Editing at the Byzanfest Film Festival 2020.

Letting in the Light

Letting in the Light: Now Showing Byzanfest 2020

Letting in the Light is a documentary that follows Sister Thekla, an iconographer who travelled to Wellington from the Congo in Africa, to paint the Pantocrator on the dome of Wellington’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral, the Evangelismos church. Adding the Pantocrator iconography to the dome is a significant milestone in the history of this beautiful church. The film shares the story of how this remarkable work was created and celebrates the Greek Orthodox faith in New Zealand.

Kalimera from Beirut

Kalimera from Beirut: Now Showing Byzanfest 2020

Sixteen years ago, young George Eid made an oath to his dying Greek grandfather in Beirut: to find the roots of his family who moved from Smyrna to Lebanon in 1922 and reconstruct the history of the Greeks in Lebanon. Fulfilling the promise took a bit of time but George, now a journalist for a large network, has done it. ‘Kalimera from Beirut’ is the first documentary about the Greek community in Lebanon.