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Gal Gadot fans slam haters saying: ‘Cleopatra was Greek not black or Arab’

Critics blasted as ‘uneducated for believing that the Egyptian ruler was from an African or Arab descent when she was in fact Macedonian Greek’ in a racial profiling debate following the announcement that Israeli actress Gal Gadot is to play Cleopatra in the upcoming Paramount Pictures movie.

Constantine Cavafy

Poetic parallelism between Constantine Cavafy and Jaime Gil de Biedma

By Maydaa Nadar Today we celebrate the beloved Greek poet Constantine Cavafy. He was born on the 29th April 1863 in Alexandria, Egypt. Cavafy passed away in 1933, on the day of his 70th birthday, suffering from larynx cancer. To…

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Natural beauty secrets we can learn from Ancient Greeks

By Despina Karpathiou For as long as one can remember, our Greek ancestors have been obsessed with medicine, natural healing and the mythological Goddesses of beauty. Our Ancient Greek goddesses beautified themselves…