continental shelf

US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt: Greek islands are entitled to a continental shelf and an EEZ

US Ambassador Jeffrey Pyatt reiterated Washington’s position that the Greek islands are entitled to EEZs and continental shelves, as the…

3 years ago

Russia confirms it backs Greece's view of maritime law

Russia's Ambassador to Athens in an interview with APE-MPE, joined the European Union and the United States in saying that…

3 years ago

Greek FM: We will defend Greece from any aggression as outlined by the constitution (VIDEO)

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias highlighted the benefits that Greece derives from the demarcation of maritime zones with Italy, as…

3 years ago

Greeks united like never before as political parties show maturity in facing Turkish aggression (VIDEO)

Konstantinos Kyranakis, an MP of the ruling New Democracy Party, speaking on television with Christos Spirtzis, an MP with Syriza…

3 years ago

Greece and Italy agree on Exclusive Economic Zone

Athens and Rome have agreed on demarcating an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) between Greece and Italy, following a meeting between…

3 years ago

Former Defence Minister: In a conflict with Turkey, Greece will be alone

On the MEGA Weekend show, former Minister of National Defence, Evangelos Apostolakis, spoke about the developments in Greek-Turkish relations and…

3 years ago

Stelios Petsas: Greece is not afraid

“We are not afraid. We are getting prepared for any possibility” stated Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas to SKAI TV…

3 years ago


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