What’s in a Name? How 14 Greek Islands Got Theirs

The Greek islands are a distinguishing feature of Greece’s morphology and an integral part of the country’s culture across the…

19 hours ago

September 19, 1970: Kostas Georgakis immolates himself to protest against the Greek junta: "Long Live Greece"

On this day in 1970, Kostas Georgakis, a Greek student of geology, set himself ablaze in Matteotti Square in Genoa,…

5 days ago

CORFU: Police rule out murder on death of 22-year-old British woman

New details are coming to light about the death of a 22-year-old British tourist in ​​Kavos, Corfu. Police sources cited…

3 weeks ago

At least 1,000 tourists trapped in Corfu due to the collapse of Britain's flight management system

The technical problem on Monday in Britain's air traffic control systems continues to trouble thousands of travellers worldwide. The airport…

4 weeks ago

Anna Vissi sold ice cream to an Italian tourist in Corfu (VIDEO)

Anna Vissi is on her summer vacation and enjoying the time away from her professional obligations. The well-known singer chose…

1 month ago

Rupert Murdoch, 92, Finds Love Again with Retired Scientist Elena Zhukova as They Cruise the Waters of Greece

Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, who is 92 years old, has found love again after his recent failed engagement. He is…

1 month ago

Unveiling the "Golden Fruit": Exploring the Kumquat Liqueur of Corfu

The term "kumquat" translates to "golden fruit," and this exquisite gem was brought to the shores of Corfu by an…

2 months ago

Kerkyra, the queen of the Ionian Sea

Those who have visited the beautiful island of Kerkyra (Corfu) understand from the first moment why it is one of…

2 months ago

Events: Corfu International Festival 2023

The 2nd #Corfu 🇬🇷 Int'l Festival dynamically evolves for the entire summer season w/ the prestigious & atmospheric setting of…

2 months ago

Hometown Celebration Leads to Capture of Notorious Crime Fugitive in Corfu

Italian police announced on Saturday that the celebration of this year's soccer champions from Naples led to the capture of…

2 months ago

AFTER THE FIRES - Heavy storms smash Corfu

A precautionary warning was sent on Saturday via the emergency number 112 to residents in the Ionian Sea region and…

2 months ago

Effectively Managing Fire Risks: Progress in Rhodes, Corfu, and Magnesia

Throughout the night, residents of Rhodes, Corfu, and Magnesia experienced a peaceful period, free from any significant issues. However, this…

2 months ago

Fire breaks out in Evia - Blazes still raging in Rhodes and Corfu

A new fire broke out early on Thursday on the island of Evia, specifically in Kymi. According to the Fire…

2 months ago

Deadly Wildfires Ravage Mainland Greece, Forcing Evacuations

Artopios said the risk of fire remained "extreme" for several areas of Greece on Thursday.

2 months ago

Firefighters continue to battle wildfires on Rhodes, Corfu, Karystos and Dervanaki

Firefighters, Civil Protection forces and volunteers fought flames for another night on Corfu, Rhodes, Karystos and Dervanaki. The situation remains…

2 months ago

Safe Travel Guide: Which Greek Destinations Are Impacted by Wildfires and Where Can Tourists Visit Without Concerns?

Safe Travel Guide: Which #Greek Destinations Are Impacted by #Wildfires and Where Can Tourists Visit Without Concerns? #greece #travel #guide

2 months ago

Devastating Wildfires Ravage Greek Island of Corfu, Arson Suspected

Arsonists are responsible for the catastrophic wildfires that have torn through the picturesque Greek island of Corfu, triggering mass evacuations…

2 months ago

Australia's McDermott Aviation Joins Forces with Greece in Wildfire Fight

As wildfires continue to ravage parts of Greece, international support has become crucial in containing the devastating infernos. In a…

2 months ago

Fires: Battle to keep the flames from Vati village in Rhodes - Loutses in Corfu was evacuated (VIDEOS)

An emergency 112 message to evacuate Loutses in Corfu was sent to the residents, with the fire brigade and volunteers…

2 months ago

Corfu deputy mayor says fires under control safe to come to island

The deputy mayor of Corfu says firefighters should have "finished" with the blazes by the end of the day. Speaking…

2 months ago


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