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COVID- Corfu Hospital.

102-year-old woman defeats COVID-19 in Corfu

A 102-year-old woman was discharged from the General Hospital of Corfu after defeating COVID-19. As the head of Corfu General Hospital Leonidas Roubatis told AMNA, “the elderly woman was hospitalized for 20…

Chinese researchers claim COVID-19 originated in Greece or India 2

Chinese researchers claim COVID-19 originated in Greece or India

Chinese researchers claim that COVID-19 originates from India , but perhaps also other countries, including Greece. A team from the Chinese Academy of Sciences claims that the virus probably started in India…


Brothel in Athens operated despite COVID-19 restrictions

Two brothels, a gym and a furniture store in Attica region are among the businesses operating despite COVID-19 restrictions, according to police checks. A brothel located in a two-storey building in Omonia…

Drama hospital.

54-year-old nurse from Drama hospital dies of COVID-19

A 54-year-old nurse from the hospital of Drama died of a coronavirus in the Intensive Care Unit of a Thessaloniki hospital. The Federation of Public Hospital Workers (POEDIN), which announced her death,…

Greece's current COVID-19 restrictions at the land border 4

Greece’s current COVID-19 restrictions at the land border

The government has restricted entry from the land borders in Northern Greece, the epicenter of COVID-19 in the country. Although some claim that COVID-19 cases seem to be stabilizing, but without decreasing…

Greek ambulance.

Navy reservist dies from COVID-19 in Volos

A 47-year-old sailor, having been infected with COVID-19, passed away today in the Nea Dimitriada area of Volos in Central Greece. According to E-Thessalia, the ambulance and police services were notified early…

Olympiacos BC.

Entire Olympiacos basketball team in COVID-19 quarantine

Olympiacos had four members test positive for COVID-19 in four different tests. Yesterday, following a suggestion by a Health Committee, Olympiacos was banned from traveling. This means that the Greek club’s Euroleague…