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Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday Traditions

The Feast of Palm Sunday, commemorates Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem and the Resurrection of Lazarus, as these two feasts are linked. Given the global pandemic this year, unfortunately the faithful are…

Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean Diet: a Modern Health Remedy

Whilst packing up and moving the Greece may be the ideal, a more realistic option for significantly better health would be to look for ways to incorporate the Mediterranean diet into our every day life.

Alien fish

“Alien” fish swim into Greek waters

Greece’s Fisheries Research Institute (FRI) announced that more than 280 alien species from the Red Sea have appeared in the Mediterranean, due to a widening of the Suez Canal, warmer seas and…

Forty days till Christmas, Nativity Fast begins 1

Forty days till Christmas, Nativity Fast begins

Today, November 15, marks forty days until Christmas and in the Greek Orthodox Calendar, the Nativity Fast begins. The Nativity Fast is like the fast of Easter Lent, but not quite as…

New study shows Mediterranean diet prevents depression 3

New study shows Mediterranean diet prevents depression

Eating a Mediterranean diet rich in vegetables, legumes and olive oil can help prevent depression, a new study has claimed. So now there is more reason to keep eating Greek dishes which include fish,…

Greek diet

Mediterranean diet helps you sleep better and longer each night

New research undertaken at the Harokopio University in Athens has revealed that eating a Mediterranean diet can help you sleep longer and better each night. Greek scientists discovered that people over the…