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agia Sophia “Mosque” in Nicaea/Iznik

Turkey: Hagia Sophia “Mosque” in Nicaea/Iznik

By Uzay Bulut Much of the international community has been shocked by the news concerning Turkey’s conversion of two historic Hagia Sophia churches into mosques in Istanbul and Trabzon. The famous Hagia…

To Kokkino Potami

To Kokkino Potami: The TV series everyone must watch

“One of the main aims of this series, is for the Greek Pontian genocide to be globally recognised and not just for our satisfaction and for the feeling of fairness as Greeks,…

Chameria Association accuses Greece of a genocide 3

Chameria Association accuses Greece of a genocide

The Chameria Association of Albania and many other organisations, have accused Greece of a genocide and called for a return of their property and free movement in Greece. Cham Albanians are one…