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Seniors Health St Basils Aged Care Activities

Lifestyle Activities Improve Seniors’ Health

With one in 10 older adults experiencing depression and anxiety, studies show that social activities for seniors are an important way to improve mental health, memory and cognitive function.

St Basils Lakemba kitchen aged care nutrition

The importance of providing quality nutrition in elderly care

The best estimate of malnutrition in Australian community home care settings is around 15% thus ensuring that nutritional needs are met in aged care is an extremely important task. Premier provider of long-term aged care, St Basil’s has exceeded all outcomes in recent accreditation of food safety standards so we talk to them about this complex issue.

Vandals attack Ancient Greek site in Albania 5

Vandals attack Ancient Greek site in Albania

The destruction of ancient Nymphaeum (monumental fountain) of ancient Apollonia (Ἀπολλωνία) near Fieri (Φίερι) has caused outrage in the Greek community of Northern Epirus, in southern Albania. Vandals have caused irreparable damage…

Do you know who the greatest 100 Greeks from Skopje are? 9

Do you know who the greatest 100 Greeks from Skopje are?

The current situation and the exact population of the Greek Community of Skopje is not known, as government data from the 2002 census did not reflect the reality and the number was…

Erdoğan thanked the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

Turkish President thanks Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan thanked the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew for his support during a call on Wednesday. Erdoğan conveyed is appreciation for the donations and support both the Patriarch and Greek…


It’s not about Luck it’s about Love

By Marina Paul GIOTA NEGKA, one of the great female voices of Greece is in Australia this weekend for the very first time to perform at The Greek Festival in Melbourne &…


Tribute to Greeks who Feed America

By Stamatina Mylonas Anyone who lives in the Northeast United States can tell you the most popular diners, pizza shops, and restaurants in the area, are probably owned by a Greek person.…

Antonis Diamataris

Greek PM accepts shock resignation of Deputy Foreign Minister

Following the recent controversy over ‘fake’ academic qualification claims in his curriculum vitae, Deputy Foreign Minister responsible for Diaspora Greeks, Antonis Diamataris resigned on Thursday upon landing in Sydney, Australia. The shock…