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New exhibition for royal carriages as former Tatoi Royal Estate begins renovations

Even though reign in Greece lasted for over a century (1832 – 1973), there are very few exhibitions or museums dedicated to the Greek royal family that one can visit today. The Greek Ministry of Culture has decided to renovate the former Tatoi Royal Estate and Palace including the restoration of the numerous royal carriages that belonged to the royal family.

December 27, Feast day of Agios Stefanos 5

December 27, Feast day of Agios Stefanos

On December 27 the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the Feast Day of Agios Stefanos. Saint Stephen was the first of the seven deacons whom the Apostles ordained to serve the Church in Jerusalem. Being filled with the grace of the Holy Spirit, he worked miracles and wonders among the people. Today is also the name day of Stefanos, Stefania, Mavrikos and Mavrikia. Xronia Polla!