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Price scam alert Mykonos hotel

Scam Alert? Mykonos Prices Under Fire Again Already This Season

A year after the famed ‘DK Oyster– Gate” last year which ended in a Mykonos restaurant being fined over €30,000 after charging two American tourists, €600 for two drinks and a portion of crab legs, a user has taken to Reddit with a post entitled “Eclipse Hotel (Mykonos) – SCAM ALERT” igniting a heated discussion surrounding alleged price scams in Mykonos.

Hydra: A Theatre for Dreamers

Hydra: A Theatre for Dreamers

If you’ve ever been on a ferry pulling into Hydra’s charming port, you will know that Polly Sampson’s words from “A Theatre for Dreamers” come alive as you witness the sweeping panorama of Hydra’s amphitheatre like setting and you immediately understand why the island serves as the backdrop for dreamers and creatives.