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The Timeless Beauty and Significance of the Greek Alphabet

The Timeless Beauty and Significance of the Greek Alphabet

In the grand tapestry of world languages and scripts, one stands out as a symbol of enduring beauty and historical significance – the Greek alphabet. With its roots tracing back over two millennia, this script has left an indelible mark on the world, from the cradle of democracy to the frontiers of modern science and mathematics.


Fikos: Painter of the Largest Mural in Greek and Byzantine Art History

Painter and muralist, Fikos is the creator of the largest mural in the history of Greek and Byzantine art. Entitled ‘Earth&Sky’ the 46-metre high masterpiece covers the side of a seventeen-storey building taking the internationally acclaimed artist just thirteen days to paint.

Magna Graecia: the Greko of Calabria

Film Debut: Magna Graecia - the Greko of Calabria

‘Magna Graecia: The Greko of Calabria’ looks at the Greko communities of Calabria in the southernmost part of the Italian peninsula, a group of people who have maintained their millennia-old links to their ancient and medieval Hellenic past through their language and culture.