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say I love you mum in greek

Say “I love you Mum” in Greek

While cards and flowers are great gifts that she will definitely cherish, there is nothing that will please a Greek mother and grandmother more than hearing you say how much you love her in Greek. 

Greek Lessons OnLine student

Greek Lessons OnLine: Your Beautiful Online Family

Greek Lessons OnLine provides an innovative and fun way to learn the Greek language to diaspora all around the world. From online classes, to summer camps for kids and immersion courses for adults in beautiful Greece itself, Greek Lessons OnLine provides options across all ages and levels.

Great Greek Lessons OnLine Teachers are Everywhere 1

Great Greek Lessons OnLine Teachers are Everywhere

ADVERTORIAL By Natalie Martin  Going to Greek school has been a tradition for many Greek families, but life has become so overwhelming. Greek Lessons OnLine (LOL) is a Greek language school with…

Getting our Kids to Love Greek School 2

Getting our Kids to Love Greek School

Advertorial  Letter from a Parent “Every weekend over the last 2 years I had the same fight with my two children. After I asked them to prepare their school bag for Greek…

Greek lessons on line

Learning Greek has never been so easy

Advertorial By Natalie Martin Greek school is an important part of life for many Greeks no matter where they live, as it allows people to connect with their culture, keeps traditions alive…