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The Greeks trapped in the so-called “lucky country”

Trouble continues for a number of Greek nationals who happened to be in Australia at the time of the coronavirus outbreak and are now unable to return to Greece, mainly because the…

Greek students and workers from Italy

Greek students successfully repatriated from Italy by ferry

The Greek government successfully repatriated 250 Greek nationals from Italy on Sunday, the majority of which were university students. In a joint operation carried out by the Greek Foreign Ministry, the Greek…

Minerva Virgo

Greek tanker attacked by pirates

Greece’s Shipping Ministry reported on Thursday that the Greek-flagged tanker ‘Minerva Virgo’ was attacked by pirates while sailing near the city of Cotonou, on the south coast of Benin in West Africa.…


Coronavirus: Three Greeks in quarantine in China

Three Greek nationals are in quarantine in the Chinese province of Hubei, according to diplomatic sources. According to the same sources, they are all in good health and in constant contact with the…

Police dismantle illegal infant adoption ring 1

Police dismantle illegal infant adoption ring

Greek authorities dismantled an organised illegal infant adoption ring following the arrest of the mastermind and three other alleged gang members in the towns of Evros and Xanthi. According to the announcement…

Greek Citizens no longer need a visa to travel to the US 3

Greek Citizens no longer need a visa to travel to the US

Greek citizens are now permanently exempted from the obligation to obtain a visa before travelling to the United States, according to a letter sent by US authorities to Citizen Protection Minister Olga…