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Hellenistic artefacts discovered in Via Hebron, Jerusalem (PHOTOS)

The discovery raises intriguing questions regarding the presence of a Greek woman's tomb along the highway to Jerusalem, far from…

10 hours ago

An Italian man left a letter to his family 10 years ago that he was going to commit suicide but ended up living in Greece

Unbelievable and yet true... A TV program of the Italian public television Rai, which deals with the cases of people…

3 days ago

FlyOver: The longest freeway in Greece without tolls

Work is starting on an impressive project in Thessaloniki. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis asked for understanding and time from the…

2 weeks ago

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  Did you know Greek City Times has an app? We keep Hellenes and Philhellenes around the globe updated daily…

3 weeks ago

Migrant boat sinks near Lesbos, claiming lives of five people, including four children.

The incident occurred in Turkey's territorial waters. A boat carrying migrants sank off the northeastern coast of Greece's Lesbos island,…

4 weeks ago

BREAKING: Current Greece fire is the biggest wildfire ever recorded in the European Union

A forest blaze in Greece is the largest wildfire ever recorded in the EU and the bloc is mobilising nearly…

4 weeks ago

August 26, 1959- Mini Cooper revealed by Greek car designer Alec Issigonis

On this day- 26th of August- in 1959 the British Motor Corporation (BMC) launched the Mini Cooper, which was revealed by…

1 month ago

Greece and India aim to double bilateral trade, will start intelligence cooperation

The possibilities of economic and intelligence cooperation between Greece and India were mentioned in the joint statements by Indian Prime…

1 month ago

Margot Robbie in Folegandros

After the delirium caused by the Barbie movie, Hollywood star Margot Robbie has chosen to vacation in the beautiful country…

1 month ago

Demi Moore is in Mykonos for ANOTHER year! See her wild dance

Demi Moore is in Mykonos for another year for her summer holidays. The Hollywood star chooses Greece almost every year…

2 months ago

American tourists shell out more than they bargained for at DK Oyster Bar Mykonos

Complaints against DK Oyster Bar on the Greek island of Mykonos have once again gained our attention after one of…

2 months ago

Italian construction workers make remarkable discovery of Greek marble statue of Aphrodite

Italian construction workers in the capital Rome have made an remarkable discovery of a female marble head thought to be…

3 months ago

A Touching Journey: 89-Year-Old Greek American Papou's Joyful First Trip to Greece Captivates the Internet

A heartwarming social media video capturing the touching journey of an 89-year-old Greek American grandfather's first visit to Greece, the…

3 months ago

Russian Nationals force plane's emergency landing at Thessaloniki's Makedonia airport

A passenger plane on a Manchester-Dalaman flight had to make an emergency landing at Makedonia international airport in Thessaloniki on…

3 months ago

Nativity of Saint John the Baptist and Forerunner

On June 24 the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the Nativity of Agios Ioannis the Baptist and Forerunner.

3 months ago

Feast Day of Bartholomew the Holy Apostle

Saint Bartholomew was one of the Twelve Apostles, and had Galilee as his homeland; this is all that is known…

4 months ago

On this day in 1825, Odysseas Androutsos passes away

Odysseas Androutsos was born on the Ionian island of Ithaca in 1788 and was the only son of the famous…

4 months ago

The Feast of Holy Pentecost

The Feast of Holy Pentecost is celebrated each year on the fiftieth day after the Great and Holy Feast of…

4 months ago

On this day in 1941: The Massacre of Kondomari, Crete

On June 2, 1941, a brutal massacre took place in the village of Kondomari, 18km west of Chania. The Massacre…

4 months ago

History of Greece’s Famous Komboloi

The Komboloi is known to be a favourite pastime for many Greeks and used as a way to relax their mind…

4 months ago


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