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Hellenic Parliament lit up to mark World AIDS Day

Hellenic Parliament lit up to mark World AIDS Day

The world globe with a red ribbon (an internationally recognised symbol for AIDS awareness) and the words “we keep our promise” was illuminated on the facade of the Hellenic Parliament on Tuesday…


Evzones exhibition starts at Athens City Museum

The Evzones guards are a true living attraction of the city and an eternal symbol of Greece, synonymous to valour and heroism. The Athens City Museum is dedicating its new exhibition to these elite soldiers, with portraits, sculptures, embroideries and works of contemporary Greek art, as well as souvenirs, rare photographs, archival material, unreleased historical relics and collectibles from public and private collections that aim to tell the story of Evzones throughout the years of the Greek revolution.

Greek Parliament ratifies EEZ agreement with Egypt

Greek Parliament ratifies EEZ agreement with Egypt

The Greek parliament ratified the Greece-Egypt agreement on the delimitation of an Exclusive Economic Zone on Thursday. It is recalled the deal was ratified by Egypt’s parliament last week. “The riches of the…

Greek Parliament approves maritime deal with Italy

Greek Parliament ratifies maritime deal with Italy

Greece’s Parliament on Wednesday night approved the agreement between Greece and Italy, on the delimitation of their respective maritime zones. It is recalled in June, following a meeting between Foreign Ministers Nikos Dendias…

Egyptian parliament ratifies EEZ deal with Greece

Egyptian parliament ratifies EEZ deal with Greece

The Egyptian parliament during a plenary session on Tuesday, approved the agreement demarcating maritime borders with Greece. “The riches of the Mediterranean have pushed some to act provocatively in the territorial waters and…

Greek economy set to shrink but due for recovery in 2021

Greek economy set to shrink but due for recovery in 2021

In its latest report submitted to Greek Parliament on Monday, the Bank of Greece estimates that the country’s economy is set to contract by 4.4% to 9.4% this year. According to its…

Syriza to rename its party in June 3

Syriza to rename its party in June

In June, Syriza will apparently get its new name as part of the party’s enlargement plan. At the meeting of the Syriza Political Council – Progressive Alliance, the restart of the party…


Former Health Minister Kremastinos, passes away aged 78

Former Health Minister and professor of cardiology, Dimitris Kremastinos, who had been hospitalised with Covid-19, passed away on Friday aged 78. Kremastinos had been admitted into Athens’ Evangelismos hospital with medical complications…


How will Greece gradually reopen after the pandemic?

“The heroes are each and every one of you. Thank you for setting an example for our country around the world.” Greece is preparing for a cautious and gradual reopening after the…

Greek parliament coronavirus

One law at a time for Greece

In an attempt to comply with public health and safety measures as the country struggles to curb the spread of the coronavirus, Greek lawmakers on Wednesday voted on new procedural measures. The…

Notis Mitarachi

24-hour turnaround for asylum applications

Greece’s Migration and Asylum Minister, Notis Mitarachi announced that asylum applications will be processed within 24 hours. Mitarachi made the claim during a media interview on Saturday clarifying that according to the…


Greece ratifies major military expansion with US

Greece’s parliament has ratified an agreement with the United States for a major expansion of military cooperation as tension with Turkey escalates. Members of parliament voted 175-33 to ratify the Mutual Defense…