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Prince Philip casket adorned with his personal flag, featuring the Greek national flag.

Prince Philip: Ceremony in his honour in Corfu at the same time as the funeral in England

Corfu, the birthplace of Prince Philip, honoured and participated in the mourning on the day of Prince Philip’s funeral, with a memorial prayer in the sanctuary of Agios Spyridon. When Prince Philip was laid to rest, his unique personal royal flag, representing the national flag of Greece, was draped over his casket.

royal carriages

New exhibition for royal carriages as former Tatoi Royal Estate begins renovations

Even though reign in Greece lasted for over a century (1832 – 1973), there are very few exhibitions or museums dedicated to the Greek royal family that one can visit today. The Greek Ministry of Culture has decided to renovate the former Tatoi Royal Estate and Palace including the restoration of the numerous royal carriages that belonged to the royal family.