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How a Greek-American Went Viral Yelling ‘Apagorevete’ in Greece

Greek City Times speaks exclusively with Tony Kariotis, otherwise known as @iamgreece on social media, to discuss what birthed his comical ‘Apagorevete’ catchphrase and viral video skit series.

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The Best Greek One-Liners

Commonly used in every day as part of the Greek language, when many Greek idioms are translated literally the results are often very puzzling and sometimes hilarious for non-Greek speakers. Here are some of our favourite and funny Greek one-liners.

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The Best Greek Proverbs

Since ancient times the Greeks have long imparted wisdom to the world by way of proverbs, which can be found in ancient Greek literature as far back as the works of Homer. Greek proverbs have long provided inspiration to people around the world.  Here is a list of some of our favourites.