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say I love you mum in greek

Say “I love you Mum” in Greek

While cards and flowers are great gifts that she will definitely cherish, there is nothing that will please a Greek mother and grandmother more than hearing you say how much you love her in Greek. 

Greek Lessons OnLine student

Greek Lessons OnLine: Your Beautiful Online Family

Greek Lessons OnLine provides an innovative and fun way to learn the Greek language to diaspora all around the world. From online classes, to summer camps for kids and immersion courses for adults in beautiful Greece itself, Greek Lessons OnLine provides options across all ages and levels.

Greek girl at Greek school

I Have Two Summers Because I’m Greek

Greek Lessons OnLine Summer Camp through the eyes of a 12-year-old first-time camper

As wonderful as summertime might be, juggling work and school holidays can be quite stressful for those of us with children. Maybe this is why summer camps abroad have become so popular recently.

Greek Lessons OnLine (Greek LOL) is an online school that specialises in bringing the Greek diaspora closer to their cultural roots and language.

Every summer the Greek LOL team welcomes young expats aged 8 to 15 years from around the world, to one of the most fun camps in Europe, immersing them in the Greek language.

However, a camp is not a stress-free solution for anyone, especially if you are of Greek origin. We Greeks sure do love to keep our children close!

Stella Bompotsiari Vri, Founder & Director of Studies of Greek LOL, speaks to 12-year-old, first-time camper, Nikos about his experience as a student at Greek LOL Summer Camp.

Great Greek Lessons OnLine Teachers are Everywhere 14

Great Greek Lessons OnLine Teachers are Everywhere

ADVERTORIAL By Natalie Martin  Going to Greek school has been a tradition for many Greek families, but life has become so overwhelming. Greek Lessons OnLine (LOL) is a Greek language school with…

Hellenic Caucus 2018 Annual Dinner 17

Hellenic Caucus 2018 Annual Dinner

On Friday 19th October, the Hellenic Caucus celebrated their 2018 Annual Dinner, with almost 200 Greek Australians and supporters in attendance. The Hellenic Caucus represents, promotes and supports Greek issues of policy, history, culture, education…

Mobile phones banned at schools in Greece 21

Mobile phones banned at schools in Greece

Greece’s Education Ministry has banned mobile phones in primary and secondary  schools and will also prohibit the operation of security cameras during school hours. According to Education Minister, Kostas Gavroglou, teachers will…

Pappou from Patras paints Alphavitario on school walls 22

Pappou from Patras paints Alphavitario on school walls

Who can forget the legendary Alphavitario school book reader, which has helped kids worldwide learn the Greek alphabet. Famous for its wonderful illustrations and words, millions of children from around the globe…

Greek lessons on line

Learning Greek has never been so easy

Advertorial By Natalie Martin Greek school is an important part of life for many Greeks no matter where they live, as it allows people to connect with their culture, keeps traditions alive…

Death threats made to Education Minister over school prayer ban 23

Death threats made to Education Minister over school prayer ban

Greece’s Education Minister Kostas Gavroglu on Wednesday claimed he has been targeted with death threats concerning the abolition of morning schools prayers. In one email, the Minister said an individual threatened to…