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Bougatsa Recipe

Celebrate National Dessert Day with this Bougatsa Recipe

October 14 is National Dessert Day, a day when you can indulge in your favourite Greek desserts without regret or remorse. In celebration we share our Bougatsa recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth.…

Milopita- Greek Apple Pie Recipe

Milopita- Greek Apple Pie Recipe

Who doesn’t love Milopita? It’s juicy, delicious and fragrant with that sweet apple filling… Milopita (Μηλόπιτα) is a traditional Greek Apple Pie, enjoyed for breakfast, tea, with your coffee or when you…

Amigthalota- Greek Almond Biscuits Recipe

Amigthalota- Greek Almond Biscuits Recipe

Warning- These biscuits won’t last long in your household! Amigthalota, traditional Greek Almond Biscuits, are easy to bake and perfect for enjoying with your Greek coffee. These biscuits are also suitable for a…

Mussels Saganaki

Mussels Saganaki Recipe

Mussels are absolutely delicious, inexpensive and easy to cook. They are also a good source of selenium, zinc and protein, amongst other nutrients. Saganaki translates to ‘little frying pan’ and also refers…

Spanakorizo- Spinach and Rice Recipe

Spanakorizo- Spinach and Rice Recipe

Spanakorizo is a popular dish that is both healthy and delicious! The name of this tasty dish is a composite of the two key ingredients: Spanaki- meaning spinach Rizi- meaning rice There…

Greek figs

Greek figs- One of the world’s most nutritious foods

Figs have been popular in the Mediterranean since ancient times; reported to have been first cultivated in Egypt and then spread first to Ancient Greece. Nowadays Greece is one of the largest…

Kalamata olives

Kalamata olives: One of the world’s healthiest foods

Kalamata olives are only found on the Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece and have played a part in the human diet for thousands of years. Growing under the amazing Greek sun, the…

Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean Diet: a Modern Health Remedy

Whilst packing up and moving the Greece may be the ideal, a more realistic option for significantly better health would be to look for ways to incorporate the Mediterranean diet into our every day life.

Now there's more reason to drink Greek coffee every day 6

Now there’s more reason to drink Greek coffee every day

Recent research published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, by Spanish scientist Maria-Paz de Peña and her colleagues, highlights once again why Greek coffee has enormous amounts of health benefits.…