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Laiik Greek sneaker Artemis

Laiik’s New Greek Sneaker Fit for Artemis

Attention sneakerheads! Made-in-Greece brand Laiik launch their first eco-friendly leather sneaker that’s fit for the goddess Artemis herself. Three years after redefining the classic Greek leather sandal for the modern American and international woman, US-based footwear brand Laiik are expanding their proud Greek craftsmanship into one of the market’s most popular and competitive categories: hand-crafted, leather sneakers.

Lambda Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

World's Most Expensive Olive Oil

Why not buy your loved one a personalised Lambda Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil gift set this Christmas, complete with a hand-crafted case that lovingly cradles a bottle of award-winning olive oil embellished with two 18k gold plates engraved with the recipient’s name?  It will set you back US$14,698, but who can put a price on love?

Greek letters Greek alphabet Omicron

The Inherently Political Task of Assigning Appropriate Greek Letters to COVID-19 Variants

The quest to assign a letter of the Greek alphabet to the newly identified COVID-19 variant ‘B.1.1.529′ that has spread in South Africa has proven that “all pandemics are inherently political” as a source from the World Health Organisation confirms that the Greek letters Nu and Xi have been deliberately avoided.