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Community language grants an investment in Australia's youth

Community language grants an investment in Australia’s youth

More young Australians will have the opportunity to learn another language through the Morrison Government’s $10m community language grants program. A total of 356 community language schools across Australia will benefit from…

Siri is being taught Greek 1

Siri is being taught Greek

As an Annotation Analyst, you’ll listen and transcribe audio files and evaluate ‌Siri‌’s response and language usage, from customers who have opted in to the grading program. You’ll use your language and cultural knowledge, along with analytical skills, to evaluate responses against guidelines.

Bulgaria insists on denying "Macedonian language" 3

Bulgaria insists on denying “Macedonian language”

“There is no point of equality between a language and a literary language. One is a family concept and the other a form (of it). The Bulgarian language includes history and dialects…

Albania and Romania collude to weaken Greeks in Northern Epirus 5

Albania and Romania collude to weaken Greeks in Northern Epirus

The Romanian Senate has allowed the Latin-speaking Greek minority in southern Albania, known as the Vlahoi (Βλάχοι), to get Romanian citizenship. According to this law, in order to obtain Romanian citizenship, in…

Greek Lessons OnLine student

Greek Lessons OnLine: Your Beautiful Online Family

Greek Lessons OnLine provides an innovative and fun way to learn the Greek language to diaspora all around the world. From online classes, to summer camps for kids and immersion courses for adults in beautiful Greece itself, Greek Lessons OnLine provides options across all ages and levels.

Greek girl at Greek school

I Have Two Summers Because I’m Greek

Greek Lessons OnLine Summer Camp through the eyes of a 12-year-old first-time camper

As wonderful as summertime might be, juggling work and school holidays can be quite stressful for those of us with children. Maybe this is why summer camps abroad have become so popular recently.

Greek Lessons OnLine (Greek LOL) is an online school that specialises in bringing the Greek diaspora closer to their cultural roots and language.

Every summer the Greek LOL team welcomes young expats aged 8 to 15 years from around the world, to one of the most fun camps in Europe, immersing them in the Greek language.

However, a camp is not a stress-free solution for anyone, especially if you are of Greek origin. We Greeks sure do love to keep our children close!

Stella Bompotsiari Vri, Founder & Director of Studies of Greek LOL, speaks to 12-year-old, first-time camper, Nikos about his experience as a student at Greek LOL Summer Camp.

Free language lessons for children of low income families 10

Free language lessons for children of low income families

The Municipality of Lagada in Thessaloniki is offering scholarships for foreign language education to children from low income families in co-operation with its Foreign Language Centre. “Our programme of free access to…