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In Search of Immortality: Greece's Ikaria Holds the Key

In Search of Immortality: Greece's Ikaria Holds the Key

In 1976, Stamatis Moraitis, a 53-year-old Greek man, was given a grim prognosis by doctors who told him he had only six to nine months left to live following a lung cancer diagnosis. However, against all odds, Stamatis defied medical expectations and went on to cheat death for nearly 45 years, attributing his remarkable longevity to his decision to return home to the small Greek island of Ikaria.

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Traditional Trahana Recipe

Trahana is a type of ancient wheat product that is used Greece and the eastern Mediterranean to create a deliciously distinctive base for soups and Greek-style pasta dishes. Super easy to make, you will have this traditional trahana dish from the stove top to the table and into hungry mouths in about 30 minutes.

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The Ancient, Sacred Olive Tree of the Acropolis that Never Dies

For over 2,500 years, the olive tree of the Acropolis has remained a worthy symbol of Athens, an undying and ancient representation of prosperity, peace, hope, and resurrection. Planted by the Goddess Athena herself, as Greek mythology would have it, the tree has suffered many fires and mutilations as invaders have come and gone. But a sprig was always saved to be planted later.